Infrastructure solutions truly designed for enterprise.

Our strength lies in our experience in designing and implementing enterprise-level solutions. We differentiate ourselves from IT companies that focus on staff augmentation and numbers of bodies by providing highly skilled IT professionals with the depth of experience needed to integrate all the varied components of a true enterprise environment.

At Keta, we believe that if the solution is designed correctly, your organization won’t need to continually rotate in “consultants” to fix or maintain it. We architect designs that encompass the full scope of your infrastructure, ensuring your network and applications communicate efficiently and securely with your business units as well as your customers and outside business partners.

Contact us to learn about our experience in the following industries:

  • Healthcare – Network and Data Center Design and EPIC Communications Models
  • Shipping – Cisco Unified Communications, Network and Firewall Support and Lifecycle Management
  • Manufacturing and Distribution – Network Design and Lifecycle Management
  • Professional Services Firms – Office 365 Implementations, Network and Lifecycle Management, Data Retention Policies and Procedures, Data and Email Recovery
  • Banking – Network Designs, Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing, Firewall and Security Design